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Its not about teaching its about learningManaging safely includes...

  • full PowerPoint presentation featuring state-of-the-art animation
  • clear delegate work book with sections for notes and Q & A sessions, and plenty of simple, custom designed illustrations – no clip art
  • clear lesson plans are provided to trainers to ensure consistency
  • a board game and quizzes to bring health and safety to life and maximise interactivity
  • the course is supported by DVDs to bring practical application to the lessons
  • delegates’ understanding of health and safety basics is evaluated using multiformat questions and a risk assessment project

Managing Safely Refresher

To keep the knowledge up-to-date, it is necessary to attend a Managing Safely Refresher course ideally within three years of the original training. This is a one-day course that refreshes the main topics and reviews changes since the main course was undertaken

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